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The name says it all! (Well mostly!)

If you want to display photos or brochures, we have a solution for you. Be it our New LED displays or cable display, freestanding display stand, brochure racks, digital or wall cabinets.

Window Displays (also known as Window Pzazz) was founded by Stephen Burgers in 1989.

Hes had 28 years experience and product knowledge selling mainly to the real estate  industry, so you will get a display thats right the first time

(there are a lot of ways to get it wrong due to inexperience).

Stephen Burgers

Being in business for this long means we must be doing something right. I think its quality at a good price and great on going service.

We have a large selection of mainly Australian and some new imported products to make your office stand out.

If you want a display with pzazz or the wow factor please give us a call, wed love to assist and tailor a design that suits you.

We are based in Sydney yet travel regularly to Newcastle, the North Coast, Wollongong and the South Coast, Canberra, Gosford and the Central Coast the Blue Mountains and all Australian capital cities.

HISTORY (Why did we change our name?)

We started with the name Window Pzazz (still trading of course) it is a catchy name but it was a hard name to find because there are so many ways to spell pzazz here are a few examples.

Window Pazaz, Window Pazazz, Window Pazzaz, Window Pazzazz, Window Pizazz, Window Pizzazz

Window Pizzaz, Window Pizaz, Window Pezaz , Window Pezazz, Window Pezzazz, Window Pezzaz

Windows Pezazz etc.

The list goes on and on, and if you dont enter the exact spelling of Pzazz you cannot find us. So we decided to change our name to something simpler and easier to spell and remember. Hence the name Window Displays.
So to find us in future go to www.windowdisplays.com.au